Our Heritage

Phum Khmer, near Banung, aims to celebrate the local heritage with all the buildings designed in a traditional manner. The spacious grounds exhibit farm machinery, canoes, carts and different systems of irrigation allowing all to see and learn about indigenous culture. We feel that our environment is important and seek to encourage all to enjoy the beauty and preserve the environment for generations to come.

We respectfully ask all guests to keep the grounds as clean as possible so all can enjoy the beauty and tranquility.

Our People/staff

Phum Khmer is locally owned and staffed. It is more than a business but a place of education and learning. The majority of the staff are from the indigenous villages and are training and learning as they work.

Our much valued employees are part of a large family and our hope is that all will gain skills that will improve their lives and enable the indigenous communities to gain respect and value. We appreciate that a happy staff leads to big smiles and happy guests.

Family Resort

Phum Khmer is extremely versatile and its spacious grounds, restaurants, bars and accommodation caters for all tastes. We are a family resort and offer trampolines, slides and swings for the children.

Our central attraction is our two fantastic, large swimming pools. The smaller and shallow pool has a great slide and is enormous fun for children to play. The larger main pool is fantastic for the swimmer who enjoys ‘laps’ or simply perfect for those who wish to relax, cool off and enjoy a drink from the bar. Our pool area is unrivalled in rural Cambodia. The perfect place for all to relax,  and enjoy the very best of Phum Khmer hospitality.

We ask all guests to take full responsibility for their own children.