There are a number of dining options. Central to all is our modern kitchen which uses only the very best fresh ingredients from our own farm on site. Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, green beans, lemon grass and salads come straight from the field to your plate. Chickens, duck and fish are also reared on site. Our fruit trees provide the very best of in-season fruit.
The extensive menu is varied and specializes in the very best of Khmer food. Please call to book and avoid disappointment.

Main restaurant  

The main restaurant is at the heart of Phum Khmer with a seating capacity of 100. It provides for individual parties or can be hired privately for large celebrations. The area includes a fully serviced bar, providing beer, wine, spirits and refreshing cocktails. The restaurant is fan cooled, although with the Phum Khmer natural breeze they are seldom needed.

Large Dining Huts (Floor seating)

There are four large and spacious dining huts with traditional matt seating. Each can cater for up to 20 people with their own waiter/waitress service for your convenience. Roller blinds provide for more privacy and extra protection from the weather. Dining in the cool of the evening, surrounded by your family, listening to the sounds of the forest is a real delight.

Dining Huts

There are 3 dining huts available to guests at Phum Khmer. Each hut provides table and chair seating for up to 12 people with personal waiter/waitress for your convenience. Ideal for the more formal occasion. A truly exotic experience where you and your friends can enjoy a cocktail or an ice cold beer. The spicy chicken wings are a must.

Private Dining Areas

If you are seeking a private evening with a small group of good friends then one of these 7 small dining areas maybe for you. Suitable for 2-6 people these areas allow for more privacy during the day and romantic dining in the evening. With moon and star light casting shadows enjoy a candle lit diner. Enjoy a coconut or mango shake with fruit straight from the tree.